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Now accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay

We are very happy to announce that we have just added two very popular payment options to the website to offer even more convenience for our customers.

Stripe PaymentAlong with the excellent Sage Pay payment processor we have teamed up with Stripe Payment. Stripe Payment is very similar to Sage Pay but with the added bonus of being able to process Apple Pay and Google Pay for payments.

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Uwoo Yowo – A Review


A unique take on heat-not-burn

As research has highlighted, smokers tend to smoke because they enjoy it. I certainly did and probably still would if not for the eye-watering cost of smokes in the UK (not quite as eye-watering as Australia mind). While vaping and, of course, heat-not-burn have both come a long way in providing that enjoyment – aka the Pleasure Principle – to many smokers, there’s just too much faff involved with both product types. Can’t say I blame them to be fair, there is a level of faff with both but, and it is a big but, the level of faff coincides with the experience you are trying to get.

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Review: Cigoo Sticks

Cigoo Sticks

An alternative to HEETS?

As part of our recent and upcoming, review from Uwootech, we were sent some samples of their take on HEETS. Due to the popularity, or market dominance, of HEETS it is unusual to see other brands of heated tobacco products available for consumption. My co-reviewer, Fergus, has tried the Fiit sticks from KT&G but predominantly, when we review devices, we use HEETS so it makes a nice change to be able to review a consumable rather than a device.

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