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Calling all menthol cigarette smokers

IQOS Menthol SpecialReading Time: 2 minutes

Well, today is the day. The EU have banned menthol cigarettes in the UK.

Do you love menthol

We do have some good news though. IQOS is harm reduction technology and because of that menthol HEETS are not included in the ban. We currently have a special offer for you which consists of an IQOS 2.4 Plus heat not burn device with 2 packets of HEETS (20 in a pack) in two different menthol flavours, for just £39.

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Two new menthol based HEETS available!

Two new menthol based HEETSReading Time: 2 minutes

It doesn’t take a great deal for us to get excited and we are very excited to announce that we are now selling two new menthol based HEETS flavours, bringing our current HEETs flavour count up to seven fantastic flavours!


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May 1st Coronavirus Update

1st May coronavirus updateReading Time: 2 minutes

Well here we are on lockdown day 39, or is it 40? It doesn’t seem to matter anymore. We are hoping for some restrictions to be lifted on 7th May but we have a feeling that it is going to be another 3 weeks of very much the same. Some people have not unreasonably suggested cancelling the upcoming bank holiday on May 8th and moving it to a date that means that it can be enjoyed. It’s a really good idea, which is why it won’t happen.

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