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Uwell Amulet Review

Uwell Amulet Watch

Must have or just a gimmick?

Uwell have been around a while and have made several different tanks and mods. Famous, mostly, for the Crown tank that produces an incredible amount of flavour (and cloudage), they have turned their attentions to pod vaping. They have three pod mods but I’m looking at the one that I, initially, thought was just a gimmick.

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MyBlu Starter Kit Review

MyBlu Blu Logo

Blu, as a brand, has been around for a while. Since 2009 to be exact. Back then, it was an independent brand. Since 2012, it’s been owned by two tobacco companies – firstly Lorillard, later acquired by RJ Reynolds that sold the Blu brand to Imperial Brands (via Fontem Ventures). It wasn’t until Imperial acquired Von Erl that the pod mod known as the MyBlu starter kit came into existence. Anyway on to our MyBlu starter kit review.

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Lambda T3 Heat Not Burn Review

Lambda T3 main image box

Think different, do different.

Lovely presentation box!

As a source for everything heat-not-burn, we get to see a variety of products in that sphere. This sector is rapidly evolving with variations on ‘established’ products as well as some revolutions. Enter the Lambda T3 from Shenzhen Original Technology.

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