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glo from BAT – iQOS’s latest rival

The Glo device

Philip Morris have been watching the Japanese tobacco market with interest, and probably quite a lot of satisfaction, this year. Japan was the first major test market for their iQOS heat not burn product, and it’s performed remarkably well. In September 2015 the HeatSticks it uses to create vapour accounted for 0.7% of the country’s cigarette sales; twelve months later that had risen to 5.2%. PMI say that around a million Japanese smokers have switched from traditional cigarettes to iQOS, and that 70% of people who’ve tried the device have fully switched.

Now the iQOS could have a fight on its hands, as British American Tobacco prepare to launch a rival product in mid-December. BAT are already testing a hybrid e-cigarette/HnB product, the iFuse, in Romania (I’ve tried it, and will write about it soon) but this new one is going to be exclusive to Japan for a while.

Japan is an interesting market for HnB products. Strict rules on nicotine-containing liquids mean that e-cigarettes, which the tech-happy Japanese would be expected to enjoy, are still rare. That means the only real competition for HnB is traditional cigarettes, so it’s the perfect place to see how many smokers are willing to switch. For BAT there’s a bonus; they also get to see how their new device performs against the already-established iQOS.

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Welcome to heat not burn


Welcome to our Heat Not Burn WordPress Blog!

Here you will find everything that you need to know about heat not burn vaporizers.


Heat not burn is a new way of enjoying nicotine without some of the risks associated with burning tobacco cigarettes. Rather than igniting the tobacco it is instead heated up to around 660 degrees Fahrenheit, enough for it to produce a nicotine infused vapour that can be inhaled through a mouthpiece, without the tobacco combusting because despite what some people say the nicotine itself is relatively harmless, it’s the smoke itself that does the damage.

Heat not burn falls somewhere in the middle of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes that have recently taken the world by storm. Not everyone will get on with e-cigarettes because no matter what flavour you try you never fully replicate that tobacco flavour, because heat not burn devices use tobacco you will still get that familiar taste which makes heat not burn the closest replication of regular smoking making it a very appealing prospect for anyone thinking of making the switch.

We have set our sights very high and hope to become one of the worlds best resources for everything heat not burn with all the latest news and the best reviews of many of the different devices that are on the market today.