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BAT Glo Sens Review

BAT Glo Sens Review

Taste Fusion Technology?

Earlier this year, the Master Chief got his grubby mitts on a heat-not-burn hybrid device, the Lil Hybrid. While he was impressed by the idea, the execution however, wasn’t all that great. It was, as he said, adequate for anyone thinking of making the switch. We’re all about innovation, and it is good to see how different manufacturers are approaching this sector of the market. The next company to step up with a different take on heat-not-burn is British American Tobacco – BAT – with their glo sens device.

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Wolkenkraft Buddy Review

Wolkencraft Buddy

Convection Heating Vaporizer

Wolkencraft Buddy Closed Box

In a break from the normal heat-not-burn devices, we were invited to review the Wolkenkraft Buddy. Unlike the PAX3, the Buddy heats by convection rather than conduction.

What is the difference I hear you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

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ZoneX Nicotine Pouches Review

Nicotine Pouches

More options for smokers

If there’s one thing I can appreciate is the broad array of products available for smokers, either current or former. Broadly defined as “tobacco harm reduction”, each product available – be it an e-cigarette, heat-not-burn or snus (nicotine pouches) – offers something far better to the consumer than those in public health and tobacco control ever could. Each of the alternative products is fun. That’s the whole point.

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