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Lambda Dual Review

Lambda Dual ReviewReading Time: 4 minutes

Spike or Blade, it is now Your Choice.

This time three years ago we got the chance to review the Lambda CC from Shenzhen Original Technology and, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, it is a solid device that added temperature control to a heat-not-burn product. It became a regular go-to device for a number of months before the next shiny took my fancy.

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VEEBA disposable vape review.

VEEBA disposable vape reviewReading Time: 4 minutes

A vape full of taste, without compromise.​​

On more than one occasion I’ve enjoyed using an IQOS HeatNotBurn device (a product of the big tobacco company PMI, and reviewed by Paul here). I was quite happy to find out that IQOS were going to produce a line of disposable vapes called the VEEBA. The excellent people here at have asked for my review and opinion of the line, so let’s dive in. 

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Ploom X Review

Ploom X reviewReading Time: 5 minutes

Japan Tobacco Inc have been playing with heat-not-burn in various guises for a while. Admittedly, early attempts weren’t particularly commercial successes (compared to other manufacturers early forays). I tried one of the early JTI Ploom Tech devices in 2016 and was underwhelmed by the experience.

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