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ZERO Tobacco Sticks Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes

More Options for Consumers

Here at we get our hands on a lot of products to review so that you, the consumer, can make informed choices. Recently, we’ve been sent a number of tobacco sticks (the reviews are here, here and here) and, on the whole, they aren’t bad. They each have their plus points and weak points. Mind you, when going up against the mighty HEETS from PMI, the balance is already weighted against the smaller players. Our latest is ZERO tobacco sticks made by NFIM. How do they compare? Read on to find out!

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Himasu T5 review – Unique Heat Not Burn

Himasu T5Reading Time: 6 minutes

A device to consume regular cigarettes without setting them on fire

For a long time, smokers had it easy. Buy a pack, crack it open and spark up. Super easy. Along came e-cigarettes and suddenly, things became more complicated. “e-juice”, “mod”, “atomizer” and host of other terms added to the confusion. Many did make the jump from combustible tobacco to vaping, and many still do. Yet there are vast swathes of smokers that would like another option.

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Nit Tobacco Sticks from CGEL review

Nit Tobacco SticksReading Time: 6 minutes

Whilst I was busy consuming the Darling herbal heat-not-burn sticks, we received word of more tobacco sticks coming our way for review. Which, of course, is great news for both us and you the consumer. For us because we get to try new stuff (which is always fun) and, of course, you because you get more choice.

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