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New faster checkout now available

New faster checkout now availableReading Time: 2 minutes

We are all about convenience as we know that we all have busy lives, so we have added a new faster checkout to the website.

We have many customers that purchase cartons of TEREA, HEETS or EVO tobacco sticks in a single variant. With our new faster checkout you can skip the “basket” section of the website and go straight to the checkout. This will of course expidite the whole checkout process and allow you to checkout quicker.

New Buy Now Button

You will see that on every product page and shop main page all of our cartons of TEREA, HEETS and EVO have a “buy now” button along with the “add to basket” button. Now if you are just buying the one variant it makes more sense just to click the “buy now” button as this will take you straight to checkout. Of course if you are buying multiple variants then you would click the “add to basket” button.

New Checkot Option

Then once you are at the checkout if you are only buying one carton simply continue the checkout process through. If you want more than one carton you can easily change the amount inside of the checkout (please see the red circle above.)

And that’s all there is to it. We haven’t reinvented the wheel or anything exciting like that, we have just made your checkout easier and quicker.

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