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We are now selling iQOS and HEETS.

IQOS 3 group with mixed heetsReading Time: 2 minutes
Left: The IQOS 3 in Brilliant Gold. Center: The IQOS 3 MULTI in Stellar Blue. Right: The IQOS 2.4 PLUS in White.

Heat Not Burn UK, not satisfied with being the most comprehensive blog in the world on everything there is to know about Heat Not Burn are now actually selling the superb iQOS system along with corresponding HEETS tobacco sticks through their online store.

We currently have several special offers on all iQOS kits and that is the special price of just £99 for the brand new IQOS 3 in four colours along with 60 HEETS for just £99. We also have the new IQOS 3 MULTI available in three different colours along with 60 HEETS for just £89. And finally we also sell either a  navy or white iQOS 2.4 Plus starter kit along with 60 HEETS for just £79!

Shipping is either with APC, Royal Mail or Royal Mail International and all orders are sent out very promptly.

Also every iQOS kit sold comes with a no-quibble 1 YEAR GUARANTEE too, click the banner below to be taken to our online store.

Now selling IQOS and HEETS banner

This post is originally from February 2018 when we first started selling the IQOS, it gets updated regularly as new IQOS products are released.

2 thoughts on “We are now selling iQOS and HEETS.

  1. Have had a very positive experience with the IQOS and ordering from

    Ordered one initially and received it in within a day and had all of my questions promptly answered through their Facebook chat. Very competitive price which includes them helping you set up the warranty (covered by IQOS’s official warranty).

    Ended up ordering two more for friends which also arrived the next day- this price can’t really be beaten anywhere else!

    Overall very happy with the level of professionalism with heatnotburn and would happily recommend them to anyone considering using the IQOS as an alternative to smoking.

    Cheers guys

    1. Hi there Yusef.

      Many thanks for your kind words, it was a pleasure doing business with you! 🙂

      We always try our best and do not get complimented very often so we do thank you for taking the time to leave us some nice feedback.

      Tony (owner of

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