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Our fantastic IQOS ILUMA offer is still available.

IQOS ILUMA offerReading Time: 3 minutes

Please note that this offer has now expired. Please keep an eye out for more fantastic IQOS special offers in the future.

Just to let you know that our fantastic IQOS ILUMA “New Years Resolution” offer is still running for the whole of January 2024!

If you are thinking of switching and saving yourself a lot of money into the bargain then why not take advantage of the offer?

The regular price of the IQOS ILUMA starter package is £69, but at the moment it is down to just £49. This includes the IQOS ILUMA heated tobacco starter kit along with 40 TEREA sticks included in the price. This complete package comes with the everything that you need to get going the moment your kit arrives.

The ILUMA is available in five finishes and the TEREA sticks are available in nine different variants. The variants range from mild tobacco through to strong tobacco, to four different menthol variants, and even a fruit based variant too. The beauty of having so many variants is that it offers you a very good chance of finding your perfect blend.

PMI did a cost study and if you manage to fully switch over to IQOS you could save up to £3,000 per year. With the insane cost of just about everything at the moment you can already see how this could be very beneficial for your pocket.

There is also an “all-in-one” style device called the IQOS ILUMA ONE and that is down from the regular price of £39 to just £29. This also comes in five finishes and also comes with 40 TEREA sticks included.

Both devices incorporate the very latest in heated tobacco technology. Instead of burning the tobacco as you traditionally do with smoking a regular cigarette these devices heat the tobacco instead, without actually burning it. The temperature is electronically controlled, and it is heated up enough to release a warm nicotine-infused vapour without actually burning the tobacco. This is where the term “heat not burn” comes from.

If you want to learn more about the IQOS ILUMA and see exactly how it works feel free to read Paul’s excellent IQOS ILUMA review for more information.

We also have an excellent Youtube channel where we have uploaded lots of videos on both the ILUMA and TEREA products. Feel free to go and take a look.

If you have any questions please feel free to visit our FAQ area where we try our best to answer some of the more common questions that we get asked.

To take advantage of our IQOS ILUMA offer please click either of the banners below to be taken to the respective product pages.


IQOS Iluma


IQOS Iluma One
*£3000 – claim compares (i) the cost of smoking an average priced pack of cigarettes (with king size filter) per day, and (ii) the cost of buying an IQOS ILUMA ONE Starter Kit (RRP £39), and then consuming one pack of TEREA daily (RRP £6). In April 2023, the average price for a pack of cigarettes with king size filter was £14.40 (ONS data). Savings will vary depending on IQOS ILUMA model and Starter Kit selected. For further information, visit IQOS ILUMA is only compatible with TEREA sticks. Using TEREA sticks with previous IQOS generations may cause damage to your device. TEREA sticks contain a metal part; do not disassemble. Keep out of reach of children.

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.

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