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Channel 4 Dispatches Heat Not Burn special

Channel 4 dispatches


Next week on Monday evening at 8PM UK time UK terrestrial TV broadcaster Channel 4 is featuring Heat Not Burn in one of its popular “dispatches” style of television program. The full title of the program is: The Secrets of Big Tobacco: Has Philip Morris International Really Given Up Smoking? It is billed as an “investigative” type of program though that can be applied in the loosest sense of the word.

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IQOS 3 DUO review


Refine the king

With the independent vendors seemingly putting pressure on Philip Morris International by coming out with some good, or very good, devices in the heat-not-burn marketplace (capitalism for the win!), it should come as no surprise at all that they are working hard to be at the forefront.

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Could heat not Burn make Britain smoke free?

Smoke Free Zone

Ever since the first Heat not Burn devices appeared, they’ve been controversial. Most of that controversy has come from politicians and the public health industry, who seem to have hated the technology right from the beginning. If you’re a vaper their complaints will be pretty familiar; HnB users haven’t really quit, they’re still addicted to nicotine, it’s just a different kind of cigarette, it’s all a Big Tobacco plot to get children hooked… you know the sort of thing. It’s all hyped up, it’s all alarmist – and it’s all untrue.

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