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Ploom X Advanced Review

Ploom X Advanced ReviewReading Time: 3 minutes

Adding some polish

It was around this time last year that we managed to get our hands on the Ploom X from Japan Tobacco Inc for review so when we were asked if we could review the updated Ploom X Advanced, we naturally jumped at the chance.

Considering we found, overall, the original Ploom X to be a solid device that does exactly what you expect it to. Heat tobacco sticks and provide a reasonably easy user experience. Fortunately, for yours truly, someone out there has begun to pay attention because one of the major drawbacks of many heat-not-burn devices is recharge time with most clocking in at 2 hours or more.

Ploom X Advanced Package

The Ploom X Advanced Review

As with many of my reviews now, I’ll skip the unboxing; there’s only so much that can be written about packaging and until a manufacturer decides to do something different or unique, it’s best to just skip this part in a review.

Fundamentally, there isn’t much functionally different in the Ploom X Advanced from the original Ploom X. Both are similar in shape and size, though the Ploom X Advanced clocks in marginally heavier than its predecessor at 96g (compared to 94g for the Ploom X).

Both devices sport a configurable ‘manual lock’ feature, though to get into the setup mode for manual lock on the Ploom X Advanced now requires the device to be hooked up to a power source (charge cable) with the same combination minimum and maximum (3 and 10 respectively) button presses or slider positions.

I will note that the Ploom X Advanced does have two models, the PX 1.5T and the PX 1.5D with the only difference between the two models being the battery size; 2800mAh in the 1.5T and 3100mAh in the 1.5D.

For this review, we had the PX 1.5T model sporting the 2800mAh battery. Crucially, however, in both models the charging time from flat to full is now around 90 minutes. This is comparable to the IQOS ILUMA. I suspect that it will be difficult to charge much quicker than that in a small form factor, but at least the manufacturers are listening!

EVO Tobacco Sticks

Heatflow Technology

JTI have stuck with their HeatFlow technology and made some minor optimisations to it. As with its predecessor, the Ploom X Advanced does get to operating temperature quickly (around 20-25 seconds) and there is still the subtle aroma of the tobacco being heated.

There isn’t any evidence to suggest that JTI have improved upon, or modified the EVO sticks. JTI have, however, released some new flavours (a * denotes an addition since our previous review):

  • Bronze – Full flavoured tobacco (roughly equivalent to Sienna HEETS)
  • Tan(*) – Balanced and rounded tobacco with coffee & caramel undertones (high intensity)
  • Amber – Smooth and rounded (equivalent to Amber HEETS)
  • Gold(*) – Smooth and subtle tobacco with undertones of wood & tea (low intensity)
  • Green – Menthol
  • Azure(*) – A subtle menthol
  • Green Option – Menthol with added peppermint capsure
  • Purple Option – Berry & Menthol with added berry capsule
  • Baize Option – Same as Amber (above) with added pear capsule
  • Ruby – Apple & Mint
  • Magenta – Grape & Mint
  • Purple – Berry & Menthol

EVO Flavour Scale


Much of the refinement in the Ploom X Advanced is under the hood and most of it doesn’t seem to affect the day-to-day user experience. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if the next refinement comes in the form of modifications to the EVO stick itself. A change in the blend process, or maybe – as PMI have done – add a heating wrap inside to even out the heat across the entirety of the tobacco as – for now – only the upper half of the tobacco inside the EVO stick seems to get the heat.

All in all, a slightly refined and solid offering from JTI.

This new Ploom X Advanced is available on our webstore for just £19 along with 60 EVO tobacco sticks. Click HERE to see the range. If you are thinking of making the switch this represents tremendous value for money.

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