Simple and sublime, the new iQOS Mesh.

The iQOS Mesh pod mod starter kit is a new system of harm reduction that is really starting to gain traction in the world of reduced risk products.

It is effectively an e-cigarette, but instead of having to mess around filling the thing yourself these come in very convenient pre-filled pods (hence the term “pod mod.”)

Each VEEV flavour capsule contains 2ml of e-liquid, you simply replace the pod when the current one is empty, no mess, no spillages, just simply click the new pod on and you’re good to go!

Also the iQOS Mesh has a very clever automatic puff activation that detects when you are drawing on it so again (just like our iQOS 2.4 Plus) no need to remember to hold the button down before taking a draw.

Absolutely everything about this device screams convenience and that is why it is becoming very popular.

For further information on the iQOS Mesh we have an excellent review right here explaining exactly how it works.

We have the iQOS Mesh starter kit available right here and currently on special offer for £19.95 and the VEEV pods are available in 7 different flavours too, and you get 2 pods in a pack for £3.99

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