We are now selling the new iQOS 3 DUO in four different finishes: Warm White, Stellar Blue, Brilliant Gold and Velvet Grey.

All of our iQOS items come directly from Philip Morris so you can buy from us with complete confidence.

The iQOS 3 DUO is the successor to the very popular iQOS 3, but has been improved to make it even better! Improvements over the iQOS 3 include enough charge in the holder to vape two HEETS. Charging time is also faster.

It uses revolutionary tobacco sticks called HEETS. The HEETS are made from processed tobacco and one HEET is the equivalent of one regular cigarette. The HEET itself resembles a small cigarette about one inch long. Although much smaller it still packs in around the same amount of nicotine found in a regular cigarette.

The iQOS 3 DUO only heats up the tobacco instead of burning it. Because of this the damage to a persons health is very much reduced. Almost all of the damage caused to a smoker is done by the combustion of the actual tobacco itself.

The IQOS 3 DUO is now only £89 with 3 packets of HEETS included for free, this means you have everything that you need the moment your starter kit arrives.

Another bonus is that if you manage to make the switch it is just £5 for a packet of twenty HEETS, approximately half the price of a packet of twenty cigarettes. So you will immediately be spending 50% less than what you are currently spending, which is a huge incentive. Wouldn’t you rather be spending that money on something else?

We have hundreds of happy customers who have made the switch. Why not make the switch to a new you today?

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