EVO Tobacco Sticks Flavours

EVO tobacco sticks are specifically designed for the Ploom X Advanced heated tobacco device and are currently available in 11 different flavours:

  • EVO Amber (Smooth and rounded tobacco)
  • EVO Azure (Rich and smooth tobacco with a menthol twist)
  • EVO Bronze (Smooth and rich tobacco with low intesnsity and abundant flavour)
  • EVO Baize Option (Classic tobacco with clickable pear capsule)
  • EVO Gold (Well rounded rich and smooth tobacco)
  • EVO Green (Classic tobacco with cooling menthol)
  • EVO Green Option (Like Green but with a poppable capsule for extra flavour)
  • EVO Magenta (Classic tobacco infused with grape)
  • EVO Purple (Classic tobacco infused with berry and cooling menthol)
  • EVO Purple Option (Like Purple but with a poppable capsule for extra flavour)
  • EVO Ruby (Crisp apple and mint flavour with fruity aromatic notes)

The three “Option” flavours all come with a poppable capsule inside of the filter that can be popped for a burst of extra flavour.

Save money over regular smoking

Please see our full selection of EVO tobacco sticks below, they can be purchased in multiples of one or in cartons of ten.

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Showing all 18 results