VEEV now


VEEV now.

The VEEV now disposable vape is the latest vaping device from PMI.

A vape full of taste, without compromise.​​

Stylish, smart design. ​​

A premium disposable device that you can recycle.​​

Easy to enjoy, without sacrificing flavour. ​​

​​Developed to avoid dry puffs and deliver a consistent experience, time after time. ​

9 VEEV now flavours available.

Uniquely vibrant flavours made from high quality ingredients.​ ​

From rich and balanced with different fruity notes, ​to refreshing, mellow exotic aromas.​​

The range is designed with intelligence and responsibility. ​​Each of them full of flavour and enjoyment. ​​

Add uniquely vibrant VEEV now flavours to your spontaneous vaping moments.​​

Device contains 2 ml of high-quality e-liquid, containing nicotine with 1.8% (20 mg/ml) level and food-grade flavourings. ​​

Each device comes with pre-charged ISO certified battery.

Designed to avoid dry puffs. With each puff as enjoyable as the next. ​

VEEV now comes with 9 vibrant flavours: from rich and balanced with different fruity notes, to refreshing, mellow exotic aromas. ​​

Designed in the U.S. ​​

Premium, sleek design in a compact, pocket-size shape, available in subtle graphite colour. With aluminum case that can be recycled. Complemented with soft-touch finishing and ergonomic mouthpiece. ​​

VEEV now devices must not be disposed together with household waste.

VEEV now devices can be recycled. Return your used device and we will recycle the recyclable components. ​​

The VEEV now disposable vape is a better choice than continued smoking.​

Why choose VEEV now?

  • No maintenance required: no cleaning, no charging and no refilling.​​
  • Simple and convenient to use. ​​
  • Ready to go with no buttons and puff-activated technology.​​

It’s time to Taste. Enjoy. Recycle. VEEV now​.

VEEBA has now been discontinued and has been replaced by the VEEV now.

This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. For adult use only.

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