Aspire Nautilus AIO Spare Pods x1


Replacement pod for your Aspire Nautilus AIO kit.

Box contains one pod.

85 in stock


These are replacement pods for the Aspire Nautilus AIO kit, a brand new style of vaping to the UK market that’s sure to impress. It comes in the pod style stealth vapes. ‘Whats a stealth vape?’ you ask, Well simply put it’s a small and discreet style of kit that focuses primarily on flavour over vapour production, although the Aspire Nautilus AIO does produce a pretty decent hit.

Rather than a tank the Aspire Nautiulus AIO features a plastic pod instead, so rather than messy coil changing you can just throw it away and stick a new one on if you so wish, although coils are still replaceable. Due to TPD regulations the EU version of the Spryte features 2ml pods.

Heat Not Burn UK through our partner is an official UK distributor of Aspire products.


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