Steel Silver Ploom S 20 and 100 EVO Tobacco Sticks

£24.17 (ex. VAT)

The brand new Ploom S 20 heated tobacco device comes in a superb bundle including 5 packets of tobacco sticks (100 in total) for just £29!

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Introducing the new Ploom S 20

Proprietary HeatFlow™ technology comes to heat not burn

The Steel Silver Ploom S 20 is a brand new “all-in-one” heat not burn device that uses HeatFlow™ technology and a ribbed heat chamber to heat the EVO tobacco stick from the outside for minimum charring. This means that you get no smoke or smell and minimal cleaning is required.

The Steel Silver Ploom S 20 is very easy to use and also comes with 2 different heating modes to tailor your experience to perfection. The sleek design fits comfortably in your hand and the device contains a powerful 2,000mAh battery so you can enjoy 20 sticks on a single charge!

The device also comes with a 12 month warranty to for added peace of mind.

How does heated tobacco work?

Heated tobacco is a new type of harm reduction technology for adult smokers to switch to. Most of the damage from smoking is actually caused by the combustion of the tobacco, which is then inhaled as harmful smoke. With heated tobacco products the tobacco is only heated (not burnt) so they are magnitudes safer than smoking.

Special price for our Ploom S 20 starter bundle

We have a very special launch offer price for this device and that is just £29, and that includes FIVE packets of EVO tobacco sticks in a choice of five amazing flavours. The EVO tobacco sticks are simply inserted into the top of the device and the ribbed heating chamber gently warms the tobacco stick.

This Ploom S 20 is available in three different finishes, to see the other two finishes and for EVO tobacco sticks please click here.


Specifications for the Steel Silver Ploom S 20 are as follows:

Battery: 2,000mAh lithium-ion
Charging time: Approximately 90 minutes
Rated voltage and current: 5V/1.5A
Input terminal: USB-C
Device dimensions: Height 90.8mm Length 48mm Depth 24.8mm
Weight: 87.5g

EVO tobacco sticks options

Your Ploom S 20 £29 bundle deal comes with 5 packets of EVO tobacco sticks included for free! That is 100 actual tobacco sticks (20 per packet.) The EVO options are as follows:

  • 5 x EVO Bronze (Full flavoured tobacco)
  • 5 x EVO Emerald (Classic tobacco with cooling menthol)
  • 5 x EVO Purple (Classic tobacco infused with berry and cooling menthol)
  • 5 x EVO Ruby (Crisp apple and mint flavour with fruity aromatic notes)
  • 5 x EVO Sepia (Smooth and rounded tobacco flavour)
  • 5 x EVO MIXED (2 x Bronze, 1 x Emerald, 1 x Purple and 1 x Sepia)



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