We are now selling the new iQOS 3 DUO along with HEETS.

Please click any item below for full details. As a special introductory offer we are selling the brand new iQOS 3 DUO starter kit in four different finishes complete with 80 HEETS of your choice of three different flavours for just £89 (plus shipping.)

This is a fantastic deal to help you to make the switch today!

What is the iQOS and what are HEETS?

The iQOS is a new groundbreaking device that heats the tobacco instead of burning it. This minimizes many of the harmful substances that are created by burning tobacco. The tobacco is heated to a temperature where you can inhale the vapour without the tobacco actually igniting.

Device reviews.

As we are also a review website we have a fantastic review of the new iQOS 3 DUO right here.  There is also a full description of exactly what an iQOS is and how it works in the products description area for every type of iQOS that we currently sell. Also including YouTube videos.

If you want to know more about the IQOS 3 Multi then please read our excellent IQOS 3 Multi review here.

We also have our very own thorough review of the iQOS 2.4 Plus too. Also some even better news is that the IQOS 2.4 Plus along with 80 HEETS is now down to the new price of just £49! Making it even more economical to make the switch.

Out of all of the Heat Not Burn devices out there at the moment in our own opinion the iQOS is the best, we were so impressed we bought the company decided to start selling them.

HEETS (tobacco sticks.)

HEETS can also be purchased separately including single packs, packs of two, packs of five and cartons of 10 packs. They are available in seven different flavours: Amber (Full), Blue (Intense Menthol), Sienna (Strong Tobacco), Yellow (Smooth) and Turquoise (Regular Menthol), Green (Minty) and Sienna Caps (dual tobacco/menthol flavour.)

As a rough guide and to help you choose Amber HEETS (also known as Marlboro Orange) are for you if you like a strong taste like Marlboro Red for example. The Blue HEETS are for you if you like an intense cooling menthol flavour. Our Sienna is if you like a properly strong tobacco taste. The Yellow HEETS are a more of a smoother taste, think Marlboro Lights for a comparison. The Turquoise HEETS are a regular menthol flavour. The Sienna Caps are ideal if you like both traditional tobacco and menthol flavours, a popable cap inside the filter means you can choose every time!

There is a wealth of technology involved in developing HEETS, if you are curious as to exactly what is involved then please see our very popular blog post showing you exactly what is in a HEET.

Are your items genuine?

All our iQOS products come direct from the manufacturer and are 100% genuine so you can purchase from us in complete confidence. We don’t do fakes here!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Sage Pay  for all transactions for our customers worldwide. Sage Pay is an excellent payment processor. It’s a very secure payment processor allowing you to use a wide variety of credit and debit cards.

Sage Pay logo

If you fail to checkout with Sage Pay due to vendor rules please try again.

What is this other stuff you are selling?

We are very passionate about harm reduction and although we are mainly concentrating on heat not burn we are also selling some of the very latest pod mod (e-cigarette) devices, along with nic salts e-liquid which is proving to be very popular these days. Basically if it’s better for you than smoking we are going to sell it! We make no apologies for promoting harm reduction. 🙂

Why buy from us?

  • UK based company with UK based products
  • Express Delivery (1-2 Working Days)
  • Genuine products direct from the manufacturer
  • 1 year “no quibble” guarantee on all iQOS 3, iQOS 3 Multi and iQOS 2.4 Plus starter kit purchases
  • Superb level of customer service
  • Through our partnership we are official iQOS retailers
  • Through our partnership we are an official retailer of Blu in the UK


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Showing all 57 results