We are now selling the iQOS along with HEETS (as part of a deal or individually.)

Please click any item below for full details. As a special introductory offer we are selling the iQOS starter kit complete with 100 HEETS of your choice of three different flavours for just £89 (plus shipping.) This is a fantastic deal to help you to make the switch today!

There is a full description of exactly what an iQOS is and how it works in the products description including a YouTube video, plus we have done our very own thorough review of the iQOS right here on Heat Not Burn. Out of all of the Heat Not Burn devices out there at the moment in our own opinion the iQOS is the best, we were so impressed we decided to start selling them.

We also sell the iQOS starter kit individually for £99 (plus shipping.)

The HEETS can also be purchased separately including single packs, pack of two and cartons of 10 packs. They are available in three different flavours: Amber (Full), Yellow (Smooth) and Turquoise (Menthol.)

As a rough guide and to help you choose Amber HEETS (also known as Marlboro Orange) are for you if you like a strong taste like Marlboro Red for example. The Yellow HEETS are a more of a smoother taste, think Marlboro Lights for a comparison. The Turquoise HEETS are a menthol flavour.

We accept PayPal and credit/debit cards for payments (handled via PayPal.) PayPal is our preferred method of payment due to its ease of use and the fact that most people will have a PayPal account or someone they know will have one.

One other thing worth noting is that our iQOS kits and corresponding HEETS are 100% genuine so you can purchase from us in complete confidence.

Why buy from us?

  • UK based company with UK based products
  • Express Delivery (1-2 Working Days)
  • Genuine products
  • 1 year “no quibble” guarantee on all iQOS unit purchases
  • Superb level of customer service

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