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Established in 2015, we proudly stand as the UK’s premier independent heat-not-burn platform. In 2018, we expanded our offerings to include a range of harm reduction products, and our commitment to helping people quit smoking has remained unwavering. If you’re on a journey to kick the smoking habit, you’ve landed in the right place. Our shop showcases the finest heated tobacco devices available in the market today, and you can explore our complete product lineup below.

Introducing the cutting-edge IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA ONE.

Starting September 5th, 2023, we’re thrilled to introduce the brand-new IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA ONE on our website. These products represent significant advancements over earlier technology, incorporating induction heating to revolutionize the tobacco-heating process. Say goodbye to risking a heating blade snapping and the need for constant cleaning. With induction technology, you’ll enjoy a consistent and hassle-free experience. This marks the pinnacle of heated tobacco technology.

We now have a fantastic IQOS ILUMA review live on the website going into great detail about this new groundbreaking heated tobacco device.

TEREA Sticks.

New TEREA tobacco sticks are designed exclusively for the new ILUMA range, they do not work with the IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS Originals DUO. These new sticks contain a blade inside of the actual tobacco stick itself, and this means that the ILUMA device will never need cleaning. We sell nine different blends.

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What is an iQOS?

iQOS is a new groundbreaking heated tobacco device that heats the tobacco instead of burning it. This minimizes many of the harmful substances that are created by burning tobacco. The tobacco is heated to a temperature where you can inhale the vapour without the tobacco actually igniting.

We’re also thrilled to offer the brand new Ploom X Advanced and EVO tobacco sticks.

The Ploom X Advanced and EVO tobacco sticks represent the latest innovations in heated tobacco systems from JTI (Japan Tobacco International). The Ploom device utilizes HeatFlow™ technology and a ribbed heating chamber to heat the EVO tobacco sticks. Currently, we have the Ploom X Advanced starter bundle, which includes one device and three packs of EVO tobacco sticks (a total of 60 sticks) for just £19. We also offer EVO tobacco sticks in single units and cartons of ten.

Looking for heated tobacco and e-cigarette device reviews?

Eight years ago, we embarked on our journey as a review website, and we continue to provide insightful reviews today. You’ll find comprehensive descriptions of iQOS and its functionality, along with accompanying YouTube videos, in our product description page. We regularly review various heated tobacco and vaping devices from around the world, all conveniently located in our product review section.

HEETS (Tobacco Sticks.)

HEETS can also be purchased separately including single packs, packs of two, packs of five and cartons of 10 packs. They are available in ten different blends: Amber (Full), Blue (Intense Menthol), Sienna (Strong Tobacco), Yellow (Smooth) and Turquoise (Regular Menthol), Green (Minty), Sienna Caps (Dual Tobacco/Menthol Flavour), Teak (Toasted Tobacco With Nutty Aromas), Russet (Rich Toasted Tobacco With Malty Aromas) and Mauve Wave (Menthol With Dark Forest Fruits.)

What are the various blends?

As a rough guide and to help you choose, our Amber HEETS & TEREA  are for you if you like a strong taste, like Marlboro Red for example. The Blue HEETS & TEREA are for you if you like an intense cooling menthol. Our Sienna is for you if you like a properly strong tobacco taste. Along with Russet our Sienna is our strongest tobacco blend. The Yellow HEETS & TEREA are a much more of a smoother taste, think Marlboro Lights for a comparison. The Turquoise HEETS & TEREA are a regular menthol and are more like regular menthol cigarettes that you used to be able to buy. The Sienna Caps are ideal if you like both traditional tobacco and menthol, a popable cap inside the filter means you can choose regular tobacco or menthol! Please note that Sienna Caps is only available with our HEETS. Teak is similar in strength to Amber but is more of a toasted blend. Mauve Wave is our latest blend and is a cooling menthol combined with dark forest fruits.

There is a wealth of technology involved in developing HEETS, if you are curious as to exactly what is in them then please see our very popular blog post showing you exactly what is in a HEET.

Are your items genuine?

Yes. All of our products are 100% genuine and come directly from the manufacturer so you can purchase from us in complete confidence. We don’t do fakes here!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Sage Pay  for all transactions for all of our customers worldwide. Sage Pay is an excellent payment processor. It’s a very secure payment processor allowing you to use a wide variety of credit and debit cards.

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If you fail to checkout with Sage Pay due to vendor rules please try again.

What about shipping?

All of our orders (both international and UK) are sent via Royal Mail. Our UK customers enjoy Royal Mail 24 and our international customers enjoy Royal Mail International Tracked And Signed.

Customers from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man’s orders are also sent Royal Mail 24 but may take slightly longer because of their geographic nature.

Read more about shipping on our shipping info page.

What is this other stuff you are selling?

We are very passionate about harm reduction and although we mainly concentrate on heat not burn we are also selling some of the very latest pod mod (e-cigarette) devices, along with nic salts e-liquid which are proving to be very popular these days. Basically if it’s better for you than smoking we are going to sell it! We make no apologies for promoting harm reduction. 🙂

Our vary latest addition to the website shop are disposable pod vapes and we are currently selling the GeekVape Geek Bar, the GeekVape Elf Bar 600,  the SMOK MBAR, the IVG Bar and the SMOK VVOW. These are some of the very best disposable devices currently available on the market today.

Eight great reasons to shop with Heat Not Burn UK:

  1. UK based company with UK based products
  2. Express Delivery (Royal Mail Tracked 24 & Royal Mail International Track and Trace)
  3. Genuine OEM products direct from the manufacturer
  4. 1 year “no quibble” guarantee on all iQOS starter kit purchases
  5. Superb level of customer service
  6. Through our partnership we are official iQOS retailers
  7. We are an official retailer of Ploom, Blu, GeekVape and SMOK in the UK through our partnership
  8. We are a small family-run company and you will be supporting a small business


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Showing all 112 results