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Himasu T5 review – Unique Heat Not Burn

Himasu T5Reading Time: 6 minutes

A device to consume regular cigarettes without setting them on fire

For a long time, smokers had it easy. Buy a pack, crack it open and spark up. Super easy. Along came e-cigarettes and suddenly, things became more complicated. “e-juice”, “mod”, “atomizer” and host of other terms added to the confusion. Many did make the jump from combustible tobacco to vaping, and many still do. Yet there are vast swathes of smokers that would like another option.

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Uwoo Yowo – A Review

UWOO YOWOReading Time: 6 minutes

A unique take on heat-not-burn

As research has highlighted, smokers tend to smoke because they enjoy it. I certainly did and probably still would if not for the eye-watering cost of smokes in the UK (not quite as eye-watering as Australia mind). While vaping and, of course, heat-not-burn have both come a long way in providing that enjoyment – aka the Pleasure Principle – to many smokers, there’s just too much faff involved with both product types. Can’t say I blame them to be fair, there is a level of faff with both but, and it is a big but, the level of faff coincides with the experience you are trying to get.

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