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HnB UK exclusive review – the JOYA Vapor Pen

Joya Vapor Pen

We’ve been paying more attention to pod mods recently, but you might have noticed there’s one we haven’t covered yet – the infamous JUUL. This is the sleek little gadget that has the US public health industry’s collective knickers in a massive twist, because it’s packed with so many dangerous features that make it uniquely attractive to teenagers. For example it’s available in kid-friendly flavours like cucumber, and we all know how easy it is to get teens to eat bland, watery salad vegetables, don’t we? It also recharges from a computer’s USB port, and what kid wouldn’t want to own such an unusual piece of cutting-edge technology?

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New study on second-hand JUUL vapour. You can all relax now.

JUUL vapour study

If you follow the news around tobacco harm reduction you’ll know that pod mods – especially the JUUL – are the subject of the USA’s latest moral panic. The country that gave us Prohibition and the war on drugs (the reason the USA has more people in jail than China, a communist dictatorship with four times the population) is whipping itself into a froth of righteous indignation about a product that was specifically designed as a safer alternative for smokers.

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So What’s A Pod Mod?

When I started writing about Heat not Burn I didn’t think it was going to be controversial. Well, I was wrong. The thing is, I’m a vaping advocate and my name isn’t exactly unknown in the e-cigarette debate. As far as I was concerned, HnB was all part of the same concept – a safer alternative to cigarettes that has the potential to save the lives of smokers.

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