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BAT Glo Sens Review

BAT Glo Sens ReviewReading Time: 5 minutes

Taste Fusion Technology?

Earlier this year, the Master Chief got his grubby mitts on a heat-not-burn hybrid device, the Lil Hybrid. While he was impressed by the idea, the execution however, wasn’t all that great. It was, as he said, adequate for anyone thinking of making the switch. We’re all about innovation, and it is good to see how different manufacturers are approaching this sector of the market. The next company to step up with a different take on heat-not-burn is British American Tobacco – BAT – with their glo sens device.

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Heat Not Burn news roundup, May 2019

Latest News May 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutesAs most of you will already know when we are not reviewing all the latest and greatest devices we also like to concentrate on heat not burn news from around the world. So here we take a look at what has been happening globally in the world of heat not burn in recent months.

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Heat Not Burn European exclusive review, the Lil Hybrid

Lil Hybrid

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Lil Hybrid Box
Nice presentation box!

We seem to have a knack at getting hold of the very latest devices to review and many thanks to our main man in South Korea we have managed to do it again! South Korean company KT&G have been developing devices for quite some time now and we have looked in detail at both the Lil, and the Lil Solid. Well they are a company that certainly don’t sit on their hands because they have now released yet another device called the Lil Hybrid.

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