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Mauve Wave HEETS now available!

HEETS MAUVE WAVEReading Time: 2 minutes

We are very happy to announce our tenth IQOS HEETS flavour available to purchase right here in our online store, Mauve Wave HEETS!

That’s right, we now have an astonishing ten different HEETS flavours available. This is our first fruit based flavour too because Mauve Wave HEETS are a crisp menthol tobacco blend with a taste of dark forest fruits.

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New Teak HEETS flavour now available

Teak HEETS flavourReading Time: < 1 minute

Teak HEETS takes us up to eight different HEETS flavours!

When this humble website first started selling IQOS HEETS a couple of years ago we had just three flavours on launch; Amber, Yellow and Turquoise. Fast forward a couple of years and we are now selling eight different flavours.

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