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Ploom X Advanced Review

Ploom X Advanced ReviewReading Time: 3 minutes

Adding some polish

It was around this time last year that we managed to get our hands on the Ploom X from Japan Tobacco Inc for review so when we were asked if we could review the updated Ploom X Advanced, we naturally jumped at the chance.

Considering we found, overall, the original Ploom X to be a solid device that does exactly what you expect it to. Heat tobacco sticks and provide a reasonably easy user experience. Fortunately, for yours truly, someone out there has begun to pay attention because one of the major drawbacks of many heat-not-burn devices is recharge time with most clocking in at 2 hours or more.

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Ploom X Review

Ploom X reviewReading Time: 5 minutes

Japan Tobacco Inc have been playing with heat-not-burn in various guises for a while. Admittedly, early attempts weren’t particularly commercial successes (compared to other manufacturers early forays). I tried one of the early JTI Ploom Tech devices in 2016 and was underwhelmed by the experience.

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