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SLS Bene Review

SLS BeneReading Time: 5 minutes

SLS Good?

In January 2020, we reviewed the SLS CP from Shenzhen Changneng Huike Technology Limited Co. Ltd and we found that it came very close to taking the heat-not-burn crown from IQOS. For a long time between then and now, the SLS CP became my go-to device. It really is that good. With such success under their belt, I was more than a little excited to get my hands on the latest device from SLS.

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TQS Non Tobacco Herbal Sticks

TQS Tobacco SticksReading Time: 3 minutes

Time To Quit Smoking?

It seems that manufacturers in China are set on producing heat-not-burn consumables – aka tobacco sticks – to either a) just be a general consumable for the heat-not-burn market or, b) as consumables for their own devices. Another point, China is also not using tobacco. Unlike PMI. We’ve had the privilege of trying a number of non-tobacco sticks (reviews here, here, here and here) and they’ve all had plus and negative points. How does this batch of TQS Non Tobacco Herbal Sticks stack up to the others? Read on to find out!

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TQS Coolplay Q3 Review

TQS Coolplay Q3Reading Time: 5 minutes

Slim, lightweight heat-not-burn

Every so often a device lands on my doorstep and I wonder, “why did they design it this way?” There are plenty of devices out there that are slim, bulky, or somewhere in between. With a blade or spike. With temperature adjustment or without. Unlike PMI who have spent, quite literally, millions on research and development of their device, the smaller manufacturers are just doing what they do best. Churning out inexpensive, simple devices for people that want them. They wouldn’t do it otherwise. The latest to land on my doorstep is the TQS Coolplay Q3. A slim, lightweight, simple device for heat-not-burn. Is it any good? Read on to find out!

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