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Two new EVO tobacco stcks flavours available

New EVO tobacco sticksReading Time: 2 minutes

We have been selling Ploom’s EVO tobacco sticks on this website for quite some time now. We had five different flavours available but Ploom have recently added a couple of interesting new flavours to their collection bringing our collection up to seven different flavours.

These two new flavours are slightly different to their regular offerings because these incorporate an innovative design feature where they have added a “poppable” capsule to the filter of the tobacco sticks. So by popping the capsule it is possible to release a burst of extra flavour. This idea has been successfully tried before by other manufacturers.

EVO Option New Flavours

The two new EVO tobacco stick flavours are called “Option” and the two new flavours are as follows:

  • EVO Green Option tobacco sticks
  • EVO Purple Option tobacco sticks

Starting with the Green Option; these are described as “a well-balanced and smooth tobacco flavour, with a subtle mint infusion. Crushing the capsule releases a refreshing peppermint taste sensation.”

The Purple Option are described as “a well-balanced and smooth tobacco flavour, with a subtle mint infusion. Crushing the capsule releases a fruity berry taste sensation.”

So basically these are both based on a well balanced and smooth tobacco flavour if left alone (with the Green being mint based and the Purple regular tobacco) but the fun really begins when you pop the respective capsules. Popping the Green Option gives you a burst of peppermint, and bursting the Purple Option gives you a blast of fruity berry. Going by the popularity of another similar tobacco stick that we sell we are expecting these to be very popular with users of the Ploom S 20 heated tobacco device that we sell.

EVO Option flavour capsule

These are both available at the same price as the current range of flavours and that is £4.50 per packet with a carton of ten costing £45. Our current range of the other flavours are; Amber, Bronze, Green, Purple and Ruby.

The Green Option EVO tobacco sticks can be purchased here and the Purple Option tobacco sticks can be purchased here.

These EVO tobacco sticks are designed exclusively for Ploom’s flagship Ploom S 20 heated tobacco device. We also sell that here and it is currently on special offer for just £29 including five packets of EVO tobacco sticks included in that price.

As with all products for sale on this website these are aimed solely at adult smokers aged 18 years or older.

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