A lot of people are looking for alternatives to smoking lit tobacco where the health risks are very clear for all to see, many people try e-cigarettes but some people do not get on with them, heat not burn is ideal for people that wish to eliminate many of the risks yet would still like to enjoy the taste of traditional smoking.

This blog was founded in December 2015 when heat not burn was still relatively unknown and aims to be is one of the most comprehensive on the internet for everything you need to know about heat not burn. We explain the history and how it works through to the different types of equipment that are now on the market and if it can help you quit smoking. Although the technology is a couple of years old only now in early 2018 is it coming to the fore, we have been blogging about this new and exciting technology for over 2 years now and you will find many well researched and well written articles on everything Heat Not Burn right here.

We have a dedicated professional team with access to the very latest information in the exciting and developing world of heat not burn, plus we are also selling the PMI iQOS which in our humble opinion is currently the best device on the market. We also aim to be selling other devices in 2018 as they too come onto the market. Watch this space there are some very exciting times ahead!

When you buy from us it is safe in the knowledge of a 100% one year no-quibble guarantee, our items located in the UK, posted out to you very quickly with a sublime customer service should you have any questions. Here at Heat Not Burn UK we pride ourselves on the professional level of service that we provide.