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New IQOS ILUMA & TEREA: What You Need To Know

We now sell ILUMA and TEREAReading Time: 4 minutes

We now sell the fantastic brand new IQOS ILUMA and TEREA sticks and they are available to purchase on our website!

The IQOS ILUMA from PMI is a huge upgrade over the prior device, the hugely successful IQOS Originals DUO. This brand new device uses something called Smartcore Induction technology. This means that it doesn’t use the traditional blade to heat up the tobacco like the previous device did, the blade is actually built-in to the TEREA tobacco sticks that are inserted into the device. That means no more broken blades or having to clean a dirty device. You can already see what a huge improvement this is going to be in terms of convenience and usability.

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Exactly how does heat not burn work?

how does heat not burn workReading Time: 5 minutes

How do you Heat without Burning?

You may well be wondering how does heat not burn (also known as heated tobacco) work, Heat not Burn (HnB) devices are the next big thing in alternatives to smoking. They’re not a new idea, and previous attempts to bring them to market have flopped. In the last few years e-cigarettes have become popular, though, and that’s raised hopes that smokers might be ready to give HnB another try. If you’re still a smoker, and you’re tempted by the idea of a safer alternative but e-cigs don’t quite do it for you, here’s a quick guide to how the new products work.

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IQOS 3 DUO review

IQOS 3 DUOReading Time: 4 minutes

Refine the king

With the independent vendors seemingly putting pressure on Philip Morris International by coming out with some good, or very good, devices in the heat-not-burn marketplace (capitalism for the win!), it should come as no surprise at all that they are working hard to be at the forefront of heated tobacco technology.


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