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Price drop on IQOS and HEETS

Price Drop

We are very happy indeed to be able to bring you some great news, and the great news is a price drop on the IQOS 3, the IQOS 3 Multi, the IQOS 2.4 Plus along with packets of HEETS.

The IQOS 3 is now £89, the IQOS Multi is down to £79 and the IQOS 2.4 Plus is just £59.

We have in-depth reviews of all three devices right here on our website if you would like further information. Click here for the IQOS 3, here for the IQOS Multi and finally here for the 2.4 Plus.

To purchase an IQOS starter kit today please click HERE to be taken directly to our online shop.

HEETS down to just £5 a pack.

This IQOS starter kits price drop is fantastic news, but even better news is that every packet of HEETS is now only £5! This is approximately half the price of a regular packet of cigarettes and therefore is a massive incentive to make the switch today.

We have 5 different HEETS flavours available, three tobacco flavours and two menthol flavours. The tobacco flavours are Sienna (Strong), Amber (Full) and Yellow (Mild.) The menthols are split into two varieties, Blue (Intense) and Turquoise (Regular.) There is something for everyone’s tastes.

If you are new to the world of heat not burn and are wondering exactly what a HEET is then please feel free to check out our excellent and very popular blog post when we dissected one!

To see our entire collection of HEETS in single, twin, packs of five and cartons of ten please click HERE to make your selection.

And as always if you have any questions we are only an email away by using our contact us form.

And finally for more information you can always take a look at our frequently asked questions page which is packed with information about this new exciting technology.

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Now selling the iQOS 3 range of products.


We are very pleased to announce that we are now selling both the iQOS 3 heat not burn device and the iQOS 3 Multi heat not burn device.

L-R The IQOS 3, IQOS Multi and IQOS 2.4 Plus. We sell all three devices.

Two variations

Both these devices are the very latest in cutting edge technology of which the manufacturer Philip Morris has spent billions of pounds developing, the result of which are two very well made and very effective smoking cessation devices.

The iQOS 3 is a direct improvement over the previous model, the 2.4 Plus. Improvements include a slimmer redesigned case, less buttons, a slightly smaller holder, quicker charging time for the holder and other incremental upgrades. What this effectively means is that they have perfected an already very good device.

PMI have also covered both bases by releasing an all-in-one device called the iQOS 3 Multi. The difference between the Multi and the 3 is that this comprises of a single unit as opposed to a holder with PCC (personal charging case.)

It’s all about choice

Both perform as expected and this gives people a very nice choice which is important. Most manufacturers out there in the heat not burn world only concentrate on one type or the other, with most of the latest Chinese manufacturers opting for the all-in-one variety. This is probably because the all-in-ones are easier to make. Nobody has mastered the holder/PCC like iQOS have done.

Another thing that people expect these days is high quality and the quality and finish of these devices is second to none. In terms of quality they are in the Apple league in terms of reliability and also presentation.

We are fortunate enough to have some very good reviewers for our devices and our chief reviewer Fergus has given the iQOS 3 a very thorough going over in his review. We will soon have another reviewer imparting their thoughts on the iQOS 3 Multi and that should be up around the middle of June.


Everyone loves a deal

Because we are authorised sellers for the iQOS we are able to do special deals at times on the products that we sell, and that is the case with the new iQOS 3 range. We are able to offer the new iQOS 3 device along with 60 HEETS for just £89, and on the iQOS Multi we can do the same deal for £79. These are both introductory offers that won’t be around for long and offer smokers a very good chance of quitting regular cigarettes for good.

There is nothing wrong with the iQOS 2.4 Plus device and we are still selling it. Our deal on that one is an iQOS 2.4 Plus device along with 60 HEETS for just £59.

One year “no quibble” guarantee

All of our iQOS heat not burn devices are covered by a one year “no quibble” guarantee. If anything should go wrong with it you can return the device for a replacement. Not all iQOS sellers are able to offer this but we can as we are authorised sellers.

Why not try it?

If you are sick of smoking traditional cigarettes then why not give heat not burn a try? You get the same tobacco taste without many of the harmful chemicals that are found in burning tobacco. And we know it works by the amount of return customers that we get buying HEETS from us.

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The iQOS 3 from PMI – a review

iQOS 3 starter kit

Nobody can accuse Heat not Burn pioneer Philip Morris International, manufacturer of the market-leading iQOS, of standing still. The pace of innovation slower than we see for e-cigarettes, but the technology is still moving forward at a pretty fast clip – and PMI are leading the charge. It was just a few months ago we reviewed the iQOS 2.4 Plus; now we’re going to talk about the brand-new device with our iQOS 3 review.

Actually we could have talked about the iQOS 3 a few weeks ago, but we’ve been holding off a bit. It seems that PMI have been a victim of their own success here, and the latest iQOS has been so popular that for the last few weeks production couldn’t keep up with demand. There’s been a worldwide shortage of the new devices, and that’s meant we couldn’t get a stock for our shop. We did manage to get review samples ourselves, though, so today I’m going to let you know what I think.

I was actually pretty excited about the iQOS 3. So far, PMI have kept to the same basic design and given it incremental upgrades – the big step forward with the 2.4 Plus, if you remember, was how much faster the holder recharged between sessions. With the iQOS 3 they’ve been a bit more radical. While it keeps the same concept of a small holder and a portable charging case (PCC), both components are totally new designs. Is this a cosmetic upgrade, or has performance been boosted too? Well, let’s find out.


The Review

iQOS 3 Opened Box
This very nice colour is known as Stellar Blue.

My iQOS 3 turned up in an impressively large box, because it was supposed to be a starter kit with a few packs of HEETs included. Unfortunately, German customs objected to this and removed the HEETs, which would have had me me wondering what the point of the EU customs union was if I’d ever thought it had a point. Well, never mind; I got the device itself, and as I had a full carton of 200 Bronze HEETs at home waiting for it that was all I needed.

So anyway, inside the large box were a couple of empty compartments, a collection of booklets and other paperwork and a much smaller box, which is what I was after. This flips open to reveal the usual tray, with the holder and PCC resting in it. A second tray underneath holds a brush and cleaning sticks, and under that the third layer contains a USB charging cable and UK plug. Everything’s very nicely presented, there’s no shortage of documentation on how to use it, and the accessories are all extremely high quality.

IQOS 3 box open showing contents
Contents of the box.

Obviously I was most interested in the device itself. The iQOS 3 PCC is almost exactly the same length as the older version, but noticeably narrower. It’s also a much cleaner looking design. My 2.4 and 2.4 Plus both have an array of buttons and lights that pretty much covers one side of the PCC, but the 3 looks positively Spartan by comparison. There’s just a single button and an LED strip on one corner, and the charging port (which isn’t micro-USB, so you’ll need to use the cable that came with the kit). That’s it as far as controls go; the only other feature is that one side is made out of a darker, shinier plastic than the rest.

This is where the biggest change has been made. Press the bottom of that shiny side and it pivots out, revealing the holder. This is almost exactly the same size as the older versions, but slightly slimmer – it will fit in a 2.4 PCC (don’t do this – I can’t confirm that it won’t cause damage) but not vice versa. It has the same minimalist design as the PCC, with no features beyond a combined button/LED and a nice embossed iQOS logo. The gold-plated charging contact at the bottom seems to be a rather different design, though.

The slimmer case made me wonder about battery capacity, but of course it shouldn’t have; the new design uses case volume more efficiently, because it doesn’t have wasted space inside the flip-up top. Charging the PCC using the supplied cable took around 90 minutes, and then I was ready to start testing it.


Vaping the iQOS 3

iQOS 3 Device Side View
It is smaller and sleeker than the 2.4 Plus.

Once you have a HEET slotted into the end of the holder, you just have to hold the button down until the holder vibrates to let you know it’s heating up. The LED will blink to show you it’s heating; when it’s at running temperature the LED switches to a steady glow, and just in case you miss that the holder vibrates again.

The actual vape is pretty much the same as the 2.4 Plus. This isn’t a bad thing at all, of course, because the 2.4 Plus is still the standard-setter for HnB devices. There’s no shortage of vapour, and the flavour is excellent. A vaping session lasts for five minutes and 35 seconds, or 14 puffs, which ever you hit first. When there are 30 seconds or two puffs left it will vibrate to warn you time’s nearly up.

Despite my worries that the new device might have a smaller battery, it seems to hold up just as long as the 2.4 Plus; I regularly managed to vape 30 HEETs on a single charge of the PCC. The holder also benefits from the same fast charge rate – around two and a half minutes.

The Verdict

iQOS 3 Holder with HEET Side View
The holder with a HEET inserted.

I was very impressed with the iQOS 3. It has all the advantages of earlier models – especially that amazingly small and light holder – in a smaller, simpler package. If you’ve just splashed out on a 2.4 Plus I’m not sure it’s worthwhile upgrading yet, but if you have an earlier model I’d definitely recommend you take a step up and get the 3.

And here is some very good news, we are now selling the IQOS 3 right here on this website, please click here to buy.

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iQOS Update – What’s Inside A Heet

iQOS update
One of the most popular pages on this site is our review of Philip Morris’s innovative iQOS device. That’s not much of a surprise, because iQOS has probably had more publicity than any other Heat not Burn product and it’s also the most widely available. It’s steadily rolling out beyond the first test markets and can now be bought in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and several other countries; before too long it will be available globally, and I think it’s going to be a huge success.

When Heat not Burn UK first tested the iQOS the only sticks that came with it were mild menthols. Those were not as satisfying as they could have been, but did prove the concept. Happily, during our visit to PMI’s research centre at Neuchatel a couple of months ago there was no shortage of them in all flavours, and I got the chance to try an iQOS with a full-strength stick. I’m happy to report that it was very close to the experience of smoking a Marlboro, and an excellent substitute in every way.


Sticky Stuff

Obviously, what made the difference between “Meh, this is okay” on the first iQOS test and “Wow!” on the second one was the sticks it was being fed with. That means it’s probably time to look at the sticks themselves in a bit more detail.

The baby cigarettes that go in the end of an iQOS were originally called HeatSticks, but they’ve now been rebranded as “Heets from Marlboro”. Currently Heets come in three flavours – Amber, which roughly equates to full-strength Marlboro Red; Yellow, a lighter Marlboro Gold; and Turquoise, the mild menthol version. As far as I can tell these all have the same nicotine content, and the only difference is in the flavour.

Anyway, I just called them baby cigarettes. They’re not. Yes, they look like baby cigarettes, and they come in a tiny pack of twenty, but you can’t stick them in your mouth and fire them up with your trusty Zippo. That just won’t work. Even if it did work it would be pretty pointless, because the whole idea is that you don’t burn the tobacco.

In fact there really isn’t a lot of tobacco in there to burn, anyway. Looking at a Heet, you can see that the filter seems to take up about three-quarters of its length:

HEET cut open showing inside
There are quite a few bits in here.

Not Just Tobacco

It’s not quite this simple, but we’ll come back to that. What’s in the other quarter is the stuff that gets heated, and I’ve actually had the chance to watch it being made in the factory at Neuchatel. PMI made me promise not to put all their trade secrets on the internet, but I can tell you the basics. What they do is blend selected tobaccos to get the flavour they want, then grind them to a fine powder. This is then mixed with water and some other ingredients – vegetable glycerine to keep it moist and generate the vapour; natural cellulose fibres to bind it; and guar (a natural gum) to hold the whole lot together.

This liquid mixture is sprayed onto a conveyor belt, run through a dryer then peeled off in thin sheets. The brown stuff in the end of a Heet is those sheets, rolled up like tobacco leaves in a cigar. When you load a Heet into your iQOS a steel blade in the device cuts into the roll, and when the blade heats up it creates the vapour for you to inhale. That vapour is mostly VG, loaded with aromatic flavours from the tobacco – which is why iQOS can replicate the flavour of a cigarette in a way that e-cigs can never quite manage.

So what else is in a Heet? Well, it’s not just the filter. In fact the filter itself is very short, as you can see:

Showing the separate contents of the HEET
From left to right: The tobacco, hollow tube, PLA and filter.

The actual filter is even smaller than the plug of tobacco at the other end, and it’s really only there to give you the familiar feel of a cigarette filter. Because iQOS doesn’t produce all the harsh combustion compounds you get from a cigarette there’s no real need for much filtration, so it can be very short. In fact if it was much longer it would probably soak up a lot of the VG vapour that you want to inhale.

After the filter is a loose roll of PLA, a very stable, food-safe plastic material. This is what does the real work; it slows the vapour down without absorbing it, giving it time to cool to a more pleasant temperature before you inhale it. This takes up almost half the length of the entire Heet.

Between the PLA and the tobacco is a short length of hollow tube, made of a similar material to the filter. As far as I understand it this is mainly to keep the blade away from the PLA and give the vapour a clear path to start its journey through the Heet. Then finally, at the end, you’ll find that little plug of tobacco.


Small But Complicated

So a Heet might look like a cigarette, but inside it’s a bit more complicated. This, and the fact they’re so small, means they’re also trickier to make; PMI had to do some creative rebuilding of some old but reliable cigarette-making machines to come up with something that would make Heets.

All this effort has paid off, though. It might be tiny, but a Heet will give as many puffs as a full-size cigarette. If you get the strength that suits you those puffs are just as satisfying, too. I had a few lingering doubts about iQOS after my first experiment with it in Poland last year, but using an identical device with Amber Heets was a totally different experience.

What’s most exciting is that, while iQOS isn’t the first generation of this technology, it’s still at a relatively early stage; there’s a lot of potential for development in there. I’m increasingly sure that HnB products like this have a very bright future in front of them.

If you are thinking of making the switch then please visit our online store today. We sell everything you need to get you started and at a fantastic price too, come and try the future today!

If you are an IQOS user already we are have an amazing five different HEETS flavours to choose from, click the banner below to see them all.



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We’ve only gone and won an award!

Heat best content award 2019

As a team Heat Not Burn UK has been plugging away for getting on four years now with precious little recognition in terms of our actual content. Sure we are successful IQOS sellers and probably one of the best online resources for everything to do with heat not burn. We’ve had a plug from the BBC a couple of years ago and we also got linked in a UK government paper but by and large our blog work has gone unnoticed.

Until now!

The rather excellent website have awarded us with their prestigious “Best content” award for 2019 for our hard work in getting the word out about heat not burn. To say we are chuffed to bits about this would be an understatement, it is so nice to gain recognition for all of our hard work. We have over 100 quality posts spanning just over three and a half years on every conceivable facet of heat not burn technology, so in terms of content we are certainly doing our part to get the word out, and it is always nice when this gets noticed.

For any of our readers unfamiliar with they are an Anglo-Canadian independent virtual community for heat not burn enthusiasts, so naturally you can see why we are so supportive of their website. Just like us they are trying their best to get the word out about heat not burn. They also do product reviews along with the latest heat not burn news. Are they a rival? No. Both of our websites are essentially doing the same thing which is getting the word out, and because of that we are very happy to be able to recommend them.

Go and check them out today!

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HnB UK exclusive review – the JOYA Vapor Pen

Joya Vapor Pen

We’ve been paying more attention to pod mods recently, but you might have noticed there’s one we haven’t covered yet – the infamous JUUL. This is the sleek little gadget that has the US public health industry’s collective knickers in a massive twist, because it’s packed with so many dangerous features that make it uniquely attractive to teenagers. For example it’s available in kid-friendly flavours like cucumber, and we all know how easy it is to get teens to eat bland, watery salad vegetables, don’t we? It also recharges from a computer’s USB port, and what kid wouldn’t want to own such an unusual piece of cutting-edge technology?

Continue reading HnB UK exclusive review – the JOYA Vapor Pen
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New study on second-hand JUUL vapour. You can all relax now.

JUUL vapour study

If you follow the news around tobacco harm reduction you’ll know that pod mods – especially the JUUL – are the subject of the USA’s latest moral panic. The country that gave us Prohibition and the war on drugs (the reason the USA has more people in jail than China, a communist dictatorship with four times the population) is whipping itself into a froth of righteous indignation about a product that was specifically designed as a safer alternative for smokers.

Continue reading New study on second-hand JUUL vapour. You can all relax now.