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IQOS 3 DUO is now just £49! (Includes 40 HEETS)

IQOS 3 DUO £49Reading Time: 2 minutes

Buy our flagship product IQOS 3 DUO for just £49

We have some very good news for smokers everywhere, our IQOS 3 DUO heat not burn device is now down to just £49!

This £49 offer also come with 40 HEETS included. HEETS are the small tobacco sticks that you insert into the IQOS 3 DUO device. This means that it comes with everything you need to make the switch.

To put this superb saving into context the price has come down from £79 to the new price of £49.

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Now selling disposable vape pods

Disposable vape podsReading Time: 3 minutes

Although we are predominantly all about heat not burn technology (it’s in our name!) we also sell other forms of harm reduction. Basically anything that isn’t as damaging as smoking we will sell. We make no apologies for selling products that are much safer than smoking. And the latest addition to our website store portfolio is the very popular disposable vape pods.

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HNBC Automatic Cleaner Review

HNBC Automatic CleanerReading Time: 5 minutes

Cleaning made easy

At we get the chance to test and review some great products. We get the occasional dud but then, the heated tobacco market is still relatively new, so the occasional hiccup is to be expected. However, one constant with heat-not-burn is cleaning. It does not matter what device you have, be it an IQOS2.4, a Lambda T3 or an IQOS3 Duo they all need to be cleaned regularly to get the best out of them. We have never reviewed a mechanical heat not burn device cleaner and were not even aware that there was one, so imagine our surprise when we were offered the chance to review this HNBC Automatic Cleaner.

HNB Cleaner Banner

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iQOS Update – What’s Inside A Heet


Reading Time: 5 minutesOne of the most popular pages on this site is our review of Philip Morris’s innovative iQOS device. That’s not much of a surprise, because iQOS has probably had more publicity than any other Heat not Burn product and it’s also the most widely available. It’s steadily rolling out beyond the first test markets and can now be bought in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and several other countries; before too long it will be available globally as an alternative to cigarettes, and I think it’s going to be a huge success.


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BAT Glo Hyper Plus Review

BAT Glo Hyper Plus

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe BAT Glo Hyper Plus is the latest release from British American Tobacco (BAT). As of writing, it is not available in the UK. However, it has been launched amidst much fanfare here in Spain, where it retails at just under ten euros (about eight pounds and fifty pence). The tobacco sticks (more about which later) retail at a price of four euros for twenty.

Why the fuss?

BAT glo logoBritish American Tobacco (BAT) will be going up against Philip Morris (PMI) and their formidable IQOS unit and HEETS tobacco sticks. A direct comparison between the two products is of limited value though since they really are quite different products which bear only one one similarity – they are both heat not burn tobacco products. Each contain a flavouring agent and PG to produce an aerosol vapour. In all other respects they are a fundamentally different products.


I am pretty sure that you all know what a box looks like, so I will skip that and move onto the contents. The glo heating unit is a well constructed piece of kit. It comes in a variety of seven colours and is equipped with a Li-ion (2900mAh) battery. Also included is a charging unit, a USB type C cable a cleaning brush and a set of instructions.

Operation and daily use

BAT Glo Hyper Plus ColoursThe heating unit takes about 20 minutes to charge from a cold start. The BAT Glo Hyper Plus has a single button come LED circular display and is fully charged when the lighting unit is fully illuminated. You then simply disconnect the USB cable from the unit, insert a glo stick and press the button. If you hold down the button you will feel the unit vibrate twice. The LED circular display then gradually changes so that after 20 seconds the unit vibrates, which indicates that the glo stick has reached its cooking temperature and you are good to go.

One vibration versus two

A single vibration is triggered by just holding the button down until you feel one vibration. You then release the button and the unit will heat the tobacco in the glo stick to 240°C. If you continue to hold the button down the unit will vibrate twice and heat the tobacco in the glo stick to 260°C. thus intensifying the flavour.

At 240°C a single glo stick will produce between 20/25 puffs and will remain active for about three minutes. At 260°C a single glo stick will produce between 15/20 puffs and will remain active for about two and half minutes. Whatever, you will feel a single vibration to give you a 20 second warning that that the heating will cease.

Personally, I found that 240°C produced a good nicotine wallop using all flavours of glo stick. In fact, the Terracotta flavour (see below) was good enough to knock me off my feet first thing in the morning, which combined with a strong cup of Spanish coffee produced a profound combination of nicotine relaxation and caffeine jolt. I have yet to read all of the papers produced by BAT on levels of nicotine delivered, but my guess is that it is a little more than the amount in a red top cowboy

HEETS AND glohyper – A parting of the ways

Firstly, there is no need to recharge the BAT Glo Hyper Plus between vapes. The battery is sufficient to last all day on a single charge. In fact, on one occasion, I managed to get through thirty glo sticks on a single charge.

Secondly, the vaping experience is not limited to 10-12 puffs with the glo. My average was between 15 to 20 puffs with the glo.

Thirdly, you can inhale a glo stick in the same way that you might inhale an e-cig (straight into your lungs), something you cannot do with HEETS.

WTF are neo sticks?

BAT Glo NeosticksTobacco neo sticks, which are what BAT refers to as its tobacco sticks come in packs of 20 and there are six different flavours, five of which are equipped with click technology allowing for an intensification of flavour. The sticks come in the following flavours and intensities;

  • Terracotta tobacco. Level of Intensity 4/5 Taste Intensity 3/5. Tobacco Flavour.
  • Arctic Click. Level of Intensity 3/5 Taste Intensity 4/5. Double Menthol Flavour.
  • Blue Click. Level of Intensity 4/5 Taste Intensity 3/5. Fresh Menthol Flavour.
  • Tropic Click. Level of Intensity 3/5 Taste Intensity 4/5. Tropical Flavour. Red Click. Level of Intensity 3/5 Taste Intensity 3/5. Red Fruits Flavour.
  • Yellow Blue Mix. Level of Intensity 4/5 Taste Intensity 4/5. Flavour levels (adjustable by click) 4/5 Lime and Menthol Flavour.

The levels of intensity are (to my taste) a reference to the amount of nicotine contained in each stick. The taste intensity can be varied by clicking (and bursting) a a small capsule of liquid at the top of each glo stick.


It can only be a matter of time before BAT starts to market this BAT Glo Hyper Plus in the UK. (Let’s hope so! – Ed.) When that happens, I figure that the glo will do very well. This has to do with price and ease of use. There are a few other things worth mentioning. The BAT product produces no discernible odour, whilst heating or afterwards. The glo sticks more resemble a normal cigarette than HEETS, the vape time is longer and they are less fiddly.

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Mauve Wave HEETS now available!


Reading Time: 2 minutesWe are very happy to announce our tenth IQOS HEETS flavour available to purchase right here in our online store, Mauve Wave HEETS!

That’s right, we now have an astonishing ten different HEETS flavours available. This is our first fruit based flavour too because Mauve Wave HEETS are a crisp menthol tobacco blend with a taste of dark forest fruits.

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HnB UK Review – The Uwoo Y2


Reading Time: 5 minutesWe have been sent quite a few heat not burn/heated tobacco devices from our great friends at over in China in the past couple of years, and we have always found them to be very dependable devices. They have just sent us another one to take a good look at; the Uwoo Y2.

Previous Uwootech devices we have reviewed in the past couple of years here on our website are the Uwoo Y1, the  Uwoo YM and the Uwoo Yowo.

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