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HNBC Automatic Cleaner Review

HNBC Automatic Cleaner

Cleaning made easy

At we get the chance to test and review some great products. We get the occasional dud but then, the heated tobacco market is still relatively new, so the occasional hiccup is to be expected. However, one constant with heat-not-burn is cleaning. It does not matter what device you have, be it an IQOS2.4, a Lambda T3 or an IQOS3 Duo they all need to be cleaned regularly to get the best out of them. We have never reviewed a mechanical heat not burn device cleaner and were not even aware that there was one, so imagine our surprise when we were offered the chance to review this IQOS cleaner.

HNB Cleaner Banner

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IQOS 2.4 Plus & 80 HEETS FOR £49

IQOS 2.4 Plus & 80 HEETS FOR £49

We have some very good news, we now have a new brilliant offer on our IQOS 2.4 Plus units. They are now down to just £49 while stocks last. Included in the deal is four packets of HEETS of your own choice (worth £20.)

IQOS 2.4 Plus & 80 HEETS FOR £49

The 2.4 Plus is not our flagship product (that is the new IQOS 3 duo) but make no mistake the 2.4 Plus is still a brilliant unit.

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We are now selling the IQOS 3 DUO!


The very best in harm reduction technology

We are very excited to announce that we are now selling the very latest in heat not burn technology, the superb IQOS 3 DUO!

Philip Morris are forever innovating and this is a new upgrade over their previous model called the IQOS 3.

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iQOS Update – What’s Inside A Heet

iQOS update

One of the most popular pages on this site is our review of Philip Morris’s innovative iQOS device. That’s not much of a surprise, because iQOS has probably had more publicity than any other Heat not Burn product and it’s also the most widely available. It’s steadily rolling out beyond the first test markets and can now be bought in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and several other countries; before too long it will be available globally, and I think it’s going to be a huge success.


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HNB Cleaner (IQOS cleaner) now for sale!

HNB Cleaner Main

It’s finally here!

We are now finally selling a mechanical IQOS cleaner that makes cleaning the IQOS an absolute breeze.

The IQOS is a fantastic device but it must be kept clean to perform at its best. The cleaning sticks do their job fine but can be a bit of a faff. This mechanical IQOS cleaner takes all the effort out of cleaning, with both hard and soft brushes along with our cleaning fluid it makes cleaning your IQOS simple and fun.

Works on various heat not burn devices

The kit itself contains the mechanical IQOS cleaner along with a hard and soft brush, adapters, USB-C charging cable and instruction booklet and 15ml bottle of cleaning solution. We are one of the only companies in Europe selling any type of mechanical heat not burn cleaner. This cleaner also works on the Jouz series of HnB devices and also on certain Lil devices too (namely the Lil Plus and Lil Mini.) The adapters included in the kit allow it to be used on various devices and they also protect the heating blade from getting damaged whilst cleaning.

Priced at just £29.95 please click the banner below for more info and to make a purchase.

HNB Cleaner Banner

This heat not burn cleaner is not associated in any way with Philip Morris/IQOS.

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HnB News Update October 2020

HnB news update

Covid-19 keeping the fun police at bay

You’ve probably noticed a lack of Heat not Burn news updates recently. There’s a simple reason for that – there’s been a lack of news. The coronavirus pandemic has actually managed to distract a lot of public health experts from trying to ban anything that’s fun, so we don’t have quite as many dubious reports and pointless health campaigns going on. We’ve managed to find a few stories, though, so here they are.

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STOPTOBER refer a friend special


Stoptober 2020 is here!

Stoptober is an annual initiative to get people to quit smoking for the month of October. The new-fashioned wordplay used translates as STOP smoking in OcTOBER.  Smoking is now ridiculously expensive not to mention being very bad for your health. Not only is IQOS less damaging to your health once you have initially purchased the device the ongoing cost of the HEETS (tobacco sticks) is around half of the price of a regular packet of cigarettes too, so it’s a double-win.

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