IQOS tobacco heating technology

We are now selling the excellent iQOS 3 DUO heated tobacco device along with corresponding HEETS.

See below for our entire collection including a special offer of the new iQOS 3 DUO and 40 HEETS for just £49!

If you are looking for the IQOS 3 Multi heated tobacco device sadly that has been discontinued.

Also note that we sell HEETS separately in single packs, packs of two, packs of five and cartons of ten.

We currently have ten different flavours available: Amber, Blue, Green, Russet, Sienna, Sienna Caps, Teak, Turquoise, Yellow and Mauve Wave.

Our HEETS are now down to only £5 per pack too!

All of our products come direct from the manufacturer so you can buy from us with 100% confidence.

Switching to a new and healthier you has never been so easy. Why not come and give heat not burn a try today?

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Showing all 44 results