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BAT Glo Hyper Plus Review

BAT Glo Hyper PlusReading Time: 4 minutes

The BAT Glo Hyper Plus is the latest heated tobacco device from British American Tobacco (BAT). As of writing, it is not available in the UK. However, it has been launched amidst much fanfare here in Spain, where it retails at just under ten euros (about eight pounds and fifty pence). The tobacco sticks (more about which later) retail at a price of four euros for twenty.

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Heat Not Burn News Update October 2020

HnB news updateReading Time: 2 minutes

Covid-19 keeping the fun police at bay

You’ve probably noticed a lack of Heat not Burn news updates recently. There’s a simple reason for that – there’s been a lack of news. The coronavirus pandemic has actually managed to distract a lot of public health experts from trying to ban anything that’s fun, so we don’t have quite as many dubious reports and pointless health campaigns going on. We’ve managed to find a few stories, though, so here they are.

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BAT Glo Sens Review

BAT Glo Sens ReviewReading Time: 5 minutes

Taste Fusion Technology?

Earlier this year, the Master Chief got his grubby mitts on a heat-not-burn hybrid device, the Lil Hybrid. While he was impressed by the idea, the execution however, wasn’t all that great. It was, as he said, adequate for anyone thinking of making the switch. We’re all about innovation, and it is good to see how different manufacturers are approaching this sector of the market. The next company to step up with a different take on heat-not-burn is British American Tobacco – BAT – with their glo sens device.

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