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Two More Disposable Pod Devices Added To Online Store

Disposable vape devicesReading Time: 3 minutes

Since we first started selling disposable pod devices back in May they have turned out to be extremely popular with vapers all around the world. This is due to the amazing convenience that they offer. They are so simple to use and offer amazing flavour and throat hit, which is exactly what people are looking for when making the transition from smoking to a much less harmful alternative.

Along with our initial two offerings of the Geek Bar and MBAR we are adding two more disposable pod devices to our lineup.

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Uwell Amulet Review

Uwell Amulet WatchReading Time: 6 minutes

Must have or just a gimmick?

Uwell have been around a while and have made several different tanks and mods. Famous, mostly, for the Crown tank that produces an incredible amount of flavour (and cloudage), they have turned their attentions to pod vaping. They have three pod mods but I’m looking at the one that I, initially, thought was just a gimmick.

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